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Rivoluzionario trattamento intensivo anti rughe. Il principi attivo anti-age Argireline™ contrasta l'invecchiamento cutaneo e agisce come un mini lifting facciale riducendo la profondità delle rughe esistenti e impedendo la formazione delle rughe d'espressione. Contenuto 14,5g.

Highly active and visibly smoothing Intensive Lift Capsules. The anti-aging active ingredient Argireline™ counteracts the structural causes of skin aging sustainably and works like a mini facelift. Wrinkles causes by tension can now be visibly minimised and the development of mimic wrinkles effectively arrested. After only the first application of this exclusive, velvety textured formulation, the skin appears youthfully radiant and elasticity increases progressively. The skin is optimally hydrated. Content 14,5g.

Lift Capsule

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