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Set di cura anti età che riduce le rughe fino al 56%. Contiene:- Siero riparatore: Q10 Phytocomplex Serum (30 ml)- Crema rigenerante :Q10 Phytocomplex Cream (50 ml)- Contorno occhi riparatore: Eye Contour Cream (15 ml)Q10 Phytocomplex Serum (30 ml) :Combines the effect of coenzyme Q10 with the effects of phytocomplexes to make a care plan highly effective in combating premature ageing of the skin. Mature, dry skin becomes noticeably more elastic and dry folds are soothed.Q10 Phytocomplex Cream (50 ml): For mature skin in need of regeneration. A multi-active cream to counteract premature skin aging, containing active substances, coenzyme Q10 and cell renewing phytocomplexes. Ceramides and regenerative plant extracts stimulate cell regeneration and collagen synthesis for firm skin structure. Eye Contour Cream (15 ml): For the tired and sagging eye area, this effective eye cream boosts the skin´s own repair mechanism and collagen production, and helps to replenish its depots.

Phytocomplex Set

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