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Set di cura intensiva per il viso con retinolo puro. 
- Energy Vitavel Siero (30ml.)
- Energy Plus Cream (50ml.)
In omaggio
- Energy Siero Occhi

Energy Vitavel Serum (30 ml)
The daily energy source for your skin. Once absorbed by the skin, vitamin C derivate turns into pure vitamin C and stimulates microcirculation of the cells. Plant-derived moisture factors leave the skin supple and eradicate the first signs of tiredness. The complexion appears even and radiant with new beauty.
Energy Plus Cream (50 ml)
A soft and smooth cream for outstanding regeneration and protection of the skin. Vitamins A, E and C ensure optimal protection. Suitable for all skin types. With SPF 10.
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Energy Eye Serum (15 ml)
Revitalising, moisturising serum for delicate areas around the eye. Makes the skin more resistant to signs of fatigue, has a calming effect, and soothes fine lines and little wrinkles.

Set Cura Viso

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